About UkraineSoul Agency

Marriage Agency UkraineSoul is a place for successful acquaintances, ideal partners and happy unions! Ukraine attracts guests from different countries and leaves no one indifferent. A visa-free regime with a huge number of countries and free entry rules to Ukraine for foreign citizens create favorable conditions for your long-awaited meeting. There is an opinion that it is dangerous to go to Ukraine because of the unstable situation in the country and the conflict in the eastern region. We want to reassure you! Ukraine is a peaceful and modern European state that is developing dynamically, has rich resources and development opportunities. The conflict in the east of the country is limited by the region, is fully controlled and does not extend to other territories. We invite you to visit beautiful Kyiv. The capital, which amazes with its architecture, attractions and incredible hospitality for any nationality and every guest.

Feel the hospitality and openness of Ukraine personally and find out why this country is called the “birthplace of enviable brides”. Ukrainian women are known throughout the world for their beauty and created to be great wives and caring mothers.

Natural charm, sincerity in relationships and an innate desire for stable relationships guarantee a reliable foundation for creating a strong union, long-term relationships or a happy family. That is why Ukrainian women are incredibly popular among foreign men, for whom a woman’s femininity and the advantage of traditional family values are the priorities.

Lack of time and long distance complicate or even reject the possibility of dating. UkraineSoul Marriage Agency was created to make your dream meeting happen! UkraineSoul is an effective tool for finding long-term and serious relationships. A place where men and women find what everyone needs like spiritual comfort, the joy of meeting and family atmosphere. Thanks to the professional support of UkraineSoul, the high level of security of meetings and stay in the country, careful criteria for selecting a couple, you find your ideal mate.

The founder and head of UkraineSoul Marriage Agency is Tatiana Ostapenko:
“Hello dear friends! My name is Tatiana Ostapenko. I am a happy mother of three children, I met my husband of two children online, he is a German citizen. I like my role in helping people find each other and meet in this huge world. My story will also help you believe our agency. I have a 20-years experience in corporate finance and international business. This time allowed me to learn not only the world of business, but also the mentality, lifestyle of people from different countries, with different incomes and different ways of life. You can check the reliability of information about me in social and professional online sources. In addition, we certainly can meet in person. If you are looking for someone special, but still hesitate to take the first step, let me invite you to do it together!”
Regards, Tatiana

Benefits of working with the Agency

In today’s world, online dating is incredibly popular among men and women of different ages and geography. On the Internet there is an unlimited number of resources with simple registration and free profile posting. This makes it easy for you to flirt, chat, or have a quick date. At the same time, such resources are absolutely powerless against various frauds. You cannot know for sure who is behind the photo, whether it corresponds to reality and whether or not the purpose of acquaintance in the profile is true. You are wasting time, emotions, getting hurt, but the efforts are meaningless and as a result you get only disappointment and expenses.

UkraineSoul Professional Marriage Agency takes care of you!

It’s safe

UkraineSoul is the official Marriage Agency, and you can always check the accuracy of the data in the appropriate authorities.

This is confidential

We do not sell your contacts and do not disclose personal information without your consent.

It saves you time

Employees of UkraineSoul clearly define the goals of the person concerned, select a pair in the maximum accordance with your search criteria, and acquaintance occurs exclusively during a real meeting.

This is serious

Thanks to preliminary communication, only profiles with serious intentions and willingness to relationships are allowed on the website of the UkraineSoul Marriage Agency.

It’s simple

You choose a package of services for cooperation; get full support and professional advice from UkraineSoul throughout the entire communication process.

It is effective

UkraineSoul Marriage Agency is a team of professionals united by the mission to bring together lonely hearts to create strong alliances or relationships, and happy lucky result adds to our reputation.

Experience to work with Ukraine Soul

Alex, 39 years old

I was 39 when I felt ready to create a family and find a bride. I was born and raised in Ukraine, where my parents come from. Over time, I moved to study in Canada, where I remained to this day. Over the years of my life here, I built a career, provided my life with everything necessary, but I could not find a girl with whom I would like to build a strong, loving family. I always dreamed of returning home and finding my soul mate there. I was sure that I wanted to marry only a Ukrainian, that was the call of my soul. I registered on dating sites, on social networks, but often came across fraud and inconsistency with my intentions. In the end, I found UkraineSoul website. This was the first experience of contacting a professional marriage agency and I barely overcame doubts. After several weeks of searching, I met a very beautiful girl with whom we were very suitable for each other. I was shocked by how much suitable we were! Another 2 weeks of continuous correspondence and we agreed to meet ... And now it’s only 2 months before the celebration of our anniversary. I want to thank the Marriage Agency UkraineSoul for help! I recommend everyone to contact the professionals. Now I am a happily married man, next to the most beautiful woman and loving wife.

Mark, 47 years old

I live in Wales and love football. Once I arrived in Kyiv for a match of my favorite football team. In a Kyiv bar, I took an English-language newspaper and there I came across an advertisement for UkraineSoul with agency contacts. I contacted Tatyana Ostapenko, registered, looked at the profiles and Tatyana arranged a meeting with a girl that I liked. After meeting this girl, I even refused other meetings. I liked Marina, I began to come to Kyiv. Then we met in Turkey, Georgia. At that time there was no visa-free regime of Ukraine with the countries of Europe and each time it was necessary to open a visa for a meeting. But this did not interfere with our desire to see each other. We also met at my house in Wales. Now we have stable relationships and a great time together. Thinking of a wedding. Thanks UkraineSoul 🙂

Competitive advantages

  • Only real photos

    Each candidate goes through a stage of personal acquaintance and communication

  • Individual approach

    In-depth identification of needs to select the perfect candidate

  • Confidentiality

    Personal data is fully protected and inaccessible to third parties.

  • Audience growth

    With each new profile, the chances of meeting the right person increase

  • Full support

    Meeting and accommodation, mobile communications, ongoing support and advice

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What guarantees do you have?

Marriage Agency Ukraine Soul is an officially registered company, which is working on dating for a serious relationship. We keep your privacy and do not transfer data to third parties, we take on yourself a full accompaniment of your acquaintance and are always ready to provide our support at every stage of dating.

What country can you meet a man from?

Our customers are men from Europe, the UK, the USA, Canada and Australia, as well as from other countries. We are glad to everyone who has serious intentions and ready for honest and open communication. The choice will remain with a girl.

Where and how do the meetings take place?

We organize meetings in Kyiv. If a girl lives in another city Ukraine, then a man takes on financial issues of arrival in the capital.

Date and time are agreed in advance.

How realistic is it to marry a person from another country?

It’s the same as you can get married / marry a person from your country. Currently, the distance is not a big deal. Often people come up with their own boundaries that hold them back.

How does acquaintance happen?

Acquaintance takes place in a personal meeting when you have mutual likes and prior arrangements.

How to start cooperation with the Marriage Agency Ukraine Soul?

You need to go through a simple free registration process and complete personal data. (here you probably need a link or a button for Men /Women to get access to agency services.)

This is your first step!

Are there any restrictions for cooperation with your agency?

No. In order to start cooperation, your age, education, and social status do not matter.

I do not speak a foreign language, what should I do?

Marriage Agency Ukraine Soul provides professional translation and accompanies during meetings.

What is necessary for arriving in Ukraine and do I need a visa?

Everything is very simple! You have several options: you can negotiate with Agency about the organization of your trip, buy a ticket for plane / train / bus / or arrive by car.

Since 2005, citizens of the European Union, USA, Canada and the United Kingdom can stay in Ukraine for up to 90 days without the need for visa and additional documents.

Is it dangerous to come to Ukraine to men from other countries?

No, Ukraine is a peaceful state. The conflict with Russia is concentrated in the eastern region of the country and does not apply to the rest of the territory and does not affect the lives of civilians. The Agency guarantees full support and safety so you can see the beauty of our country without experiencing linguistic and cultural barriers.

How much does cooperation with the Marriage Agency Ukraine Soul cost?

For men, the cost of services depends on the selected service package (link)

Conditions for women can be found here (link)

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